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"It could last forever: three singers repeat their lines of "Heho spann

den Wagen an", a German folk canon.

The sun is shining on a meadow,

and above the little choir there, a light breeze moves summer clouds and the shadows of a tree. One recalls the obstinate naivete of German post-war „folk movies“. Yet the singing heads with their relaxed, serene faces protrude from the grass like mushrooms - this is quite funny on the one hand, while on the other the buried bodies inevitably evoke images of torture. Merging the comical with the violently cruel, Sabine Linse‘s film suggests numerous interpretations. Despite of this charge of allusions and possible narratives, it remains an utterly minimalistic piece. Like certain tableaus peculiar of dreams during a nap in the afternoon, Im Grünen assumes a self-evident exclusion from time and logic." (Bettina Carl)

Im Grünen / Out in the green 2005

Single Channel Video

6 min 26 sec